Programs Overview

GYC’s programs provide young leaders (ages 15-35) from a wide range of ethnic, national, economic and religious backgrounds with opportunities to learn more about human rights and enhance their ability to take action on pressing human rights issues.

In 3-4 weeks, our programs weave together a three-tiered approach. First, our delegates get experiential development training through an interactive cross-cultural human rights education workshop. Second, the delegates engage in site visits with key stakeholders in local human rights efforts, including with members of government, international and local NGOs, and members of the community. Third,  delegates get on-the-ground experience volunteering with local human rights organizations and doing human rights work.

Throughout all three components of the program, our delegates develop skills critical to grassroots organizing, conflict transformation, human rights activism and leadership, and technical support for on-going organizing efforts. They also become more deeply integrated into an international community of youth activists who are actively promoting and protecting human rights, as well as educating and inspiring the next generation to work for peaceful change.

“I have gained the knowledge that I can, must and will dedicate my life to helping people that are oppressed and victims of an unjust system.”
-- International Participant, El Salvador

“After completing the workshop, I now feel more confidents in my active listening skills and more prepared for work that may involve drafting an advocacy campaign or strategic planning.”
-- International Participant, Bosnia
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